Our Investor Relations Advisory Services includes providing a thorough review of a company's organizational structure, financial history, strategies for growth & expansion, corporate valuation, review of business plan to determine if regulatory requirements can be met for a public listing or for purchase of a shell corporation.

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InterList Capital is a corporate finance advisory firm focused on advising new ventures, start-up and existing small and mid cap company’s access to public markets – we are your reliable, expert, independent partner for all matters concerning capital markets on Pink Sheets, OTC:BB and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.

InterList Capital is also a specialist in reverse merger transactions via public shells. We have an inventory of clean public shells that have been adequately capitalized, brought into compliance and totally re-organized and ready for purchase by new or existing companies looking for an expedient go public transaction.

The firm’s partners seek to provide superior financial advisory through prudent client selection, partnership with talented management teams and utilization of our extensive knowledge of capital markets and key strategic relationships thereby helping our clients to grow their companies into larger, more successful operations.

Access to World Markets

Canadian National Stock Exchange, The CNSX is an innovative new stock exchange for trading the securities of public companies.

GXG Markets-UK, The GXG Markets offers small to medium sized enterprises clear and effective market access with proven and robust trading systems, operational since 2000.

Frankfurt-DAX The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the world's third largest trading center for securities with over 8000 listed companies.

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Buy a Public Shell

InterList Capital has clean public shells ready for purchase for companies that wish to Go Public via a Reverse Merger Transaction.

Public shells are usually listed companies that either have little or no operating assets due to a failed business endeavour, a listed company that has not met certain tier or is not up to date on filing arrangements or is a public shell created specifically to vend in a private operating entity.

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