InterList Capital’s mission is to provide both private and public companies located worldwide with access to standard, alternative and expanding world markets. There are many reasons to and advantages of taking your company public. Once your company is publicly listed, potential investors have a market to buy and trade your company shares, thereby given them liquidity on their holdings which is of the highest importance to investors and exit strategy for both management and investors.

Our advisory services provides a thorough review of a company's organizational structure, financial history, strategies for growth & expansion, corporate valuation, review of business plan to determine if regulatory requirements can be met for a public listing or for purchase of a shell corporation. InterList Capital’s senior legal, accounting and securities advisors will complete all the necessary documentation, acquire the necessary approvals, provide required capitalization, assign market maker and transfer agency, and act as your general listing partner. We will advise you on the exact regulatory requirements, prepare the required prospectus and once the listing is complete, we will facilitate broker/dealer relationships for a private placement to raise capital should you desire.

Most Canadian, U.S. and foreign based business operations will qualify for publicly traded status. The requirements to list on alternative stock exchanges are minimal and most companies will meet the qualifications for listing. For those companies that don’t meet the minimal requirements for qualification, they still have the option of becoming a publicly listed company via reverse merger or reverse takeover (RTO) transaction. InterList Capital has clean public shells ready for purchase for companies that wish to Go Public via an RTO transaction.

InterList Capital specializes in DPO and Reverse Merger/RTO transactions for its clients. It is the quickest and easiest method for a small capitalization company to obtain a stock exchange listing and allows the company and its owners to maintain a majority of the stock. New ventures, start-up companies or existing companies may wish to acquire control of a publicly traded shell corporation to fast track their listing requirements and specific needs.

InterList Capital is primarily focused on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) due to its ease of entry compared with other world exchanges. The exciting growth and expansion of the Deutsche Börse allows InterList Capital to offer its clients the ability to explore new markets as the Deutsche Börse sees considerable growth and enormous potential in China, India and Russia. It is expanding its base in the regions to capitalize on its existing business relationships and to build new business. This is in line with an overall strategy of expanding its global network and positioning itself through cooperative ventures as a reliable and innovative partner in the entire securities trading process chain.