Investor Relations Advisory

There are many reasons to and advantages of taking your company public. Once your company is publicly listed, potential investors have a market to buy and trade your company shares, thereby given them liquidity on their holdings which is of the highest importance to investors and exit strategy for management.

InterList’s senior legal, accounting and securities advisors will complete all the necessary documentation, acquire the necessary approvals, provide required capitalization, assign market maker and transfer agency, and act as your general listing partner. We will advise you on the exact regulatory requirements, prepare the required prospectus and once the listing is complete, we will facilitate broker/dealer relationships for a private placement to raise capital should you desire.

Our advisory service includes providing a thorough review of a company's organizational structure, financial history, strategies for growth & expansion, corporate valuation, review of business plan to determine if regulatory requirements can be met for a public listing or for purchase of a shell corporation for a reverse merger transaction.

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