Deutsche Börse Group is far more than a mere marketplace organizer for the trading in shares and other securities. It is one of the largest exchange organizations worldwide. With advanced technology it affords companies and investors access to the world's capital markets.

Deutsche Börse has a broader basis than any of its competitors. Its product and service portfolio covers the entire process chain: including securities and derivatives trading and clearing, netting and transaction settlement, custody, the provision of market information, as well as the development and operation of electronic trading systems. With its process-oriented business model, Deutsche Börse increases the efficiency of capital markets: issuers benefit from low capital costs; investors enjoy the advantages of high liquidity and low transaction costs.

About 3,600 employees service customers in Europe, America and Asia. Deutsche Börse has locations in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic and the USA, as well as representative offices in Beijing, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo.